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What is it:

The MinkSonic Jukebox is an open source windows application that provides MP3 library management, ID3Tag editing, and MP3 frame error detection & removal. Both a windows "explorer-like" interface and a web browser interface are provided. Both interfaces allow users to easily browse/search through an MP3 collection, and request songs in a jukebox fashion. Songs are played back using a Winamp plugin in the order that they were requested. Once all requests have been played, the jukebox "shuffles" through the rest of your MP3 collection. The jukebox also learns what you like so it can be set to only shuffle through your favorites.

What's New:

Released version 1.10. Bug fixes, faster startup and more track detail columns.
See Change History for details.
Released version 1.0. Bug fixes, better installer.
Released version 0.93. Bug fixes.
Released version 0.92. More bug fixes, better folder scanning.
Released version 0.91. Fixed one critical and a couple annoying bugs.
Finally released version 0.90. The application was completely re-architected to use the Berkley DB embedded database. This allows large MP3 collections without the painfully slow startup times. Besides the quicker startup times, the main noticable difference is that the server now runs in the taskbar so you don't need the explorer window (now called the "Admin" window) up all the time.
The foundation is currently being re-written to support the use of database storage instead of a single XML file. This will significantly improve the startup time and the memory footprint for large collections.
When the new release (0.90) is available, backward compatibility will only be maintained for version 0.86 so anyone using older versions will need to upgrade to 0.86 first.
Version 0.90 will be licensed under a GNU license instead of a BSD license so that we can leverage existing toolkits under the GNU license rather than writing everything from scratch.
Released version 0.86. It contains some bug fixes and a couple improvements to web interface.


  • Web-based interface allows browsing, searching and requesting of jukebox tracks via a web browser.
  • Tray icon allows the webserver to keep running without the Admin window open, and provides a handy menu for invoking the web-interface to browse the music, starting playback thru Winamp, and invoking the Admin Window.
  • The explorer-like Admin Window allows music to added or removed from the jukebox, asl well as the track information such as artist, album, title, year, etc to be edited. The customizable detail view remembers the user's preferences regarding sort order, column order, and column widths. Multiple items can be selected so it's easy to do things like change the artist or album name for a group of tracks. The changes are written to the underlying files' ID3 tags (both ID3V1.1 and ID3V2 tags are supported).
  • Allows MP3 files to be scanned for MPEG framing errors, and allows those errors to be fixed by removing the offending frames.
  • Allows MP3 files to be renamed based on artist & title.
  • Hard drive(s) and/or folders can be scanned for MP3's or MP3 files can be dragged into the jukebox from windows explorer.
  • Search allows users to easily locate tracks based on the artist name, album name, title, or comments.
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