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Change History

v1.10 (2008-10-12):

  • Can no longer open database files from pre-0.90 versions that used an XML format.
  • Fixed problem where requests & shuffled playlists where cleared at every startup.
  • Faster Admin startup because it no longer starts out displaying all tracks. You can still see all tracks by selecting the root "Artists" folder.
  • Added new shuffle modes: random (old behavior), by-lastplayed, by-rating, by-rating-and-lastplayed.
  • Added PlayCount, and LastPlayed columns to Admin detail view.
  • Added ability to sort ascending/descending in Admin detail view.
  • Added context menu to Admin detail view column headr with buttons to reset the sort order and reset column position/width.

v1.0 (2008-02-16):

  • Install/Uninstall plugin directly to Winamp folder rather than trying to do it the first time Minksonic is run. This should eliminate various permissions problems.
  • By default, the local webserver is now enabled (but not accessible from remote machines). This allows the web-browser user interface to be used out of the box.
  • Upgraded to Berkley DB 4.3.29.
    IMPORTANT: You must upgrade to this version before upgrading to any future versions!
  • Internal architecture improvements to prepare for Linux version.

v0.93 (2005-04-03):

  • Directory scan now considered when the folder was last-modified.
  • Fixed bug in search path resolution.

v0.92 (2005-01-17):

  • Reduced chance of lock conflict while scanning lots of tracks.
  • Tracks in missing child folders are removed during scan.
  • Fixed crash while trying to save a database to a new file (File/SaveAs)
  • Fixed bug where text field in status dialog would reach it's maximum size limit while scanning lots of tracks on Windows 98.
  • Ctrl-A and Delete keys now work in music folders dialog.
  • Ported sockets, threads and mutexes to Apache Portable Runtime so the httpd library will compile on Linux.

v0.91 (2004-12-12):

  • If we get DB_RUNRECOVERY error when opening the db environment, we now attempt to delete old environment files left behind by a crash and try again.
  • Fixed bug where track counts were not kept up to date. This prevented an artist from being removed when there were no more tracks for it.
  • Fixed toolbar buttons & text hints.
  • Added trackCount to artists view in web interface.

v0.90 (2004-07-02):

  • Seperated server from "Admin" GUI. The server now runs in the taskbar.
  • Music folders can now be refreshed to scan new music files into the jukebox and remove tracks whose files no longer exist.
  • Now uses embedded database (Berkley DB) rather than an XML file. This drastically reduces startup time for large collections.
  • Web Interface now uses javascript enhanced interface by default.
  • Default web server port is now 1776 instead of 80 to avoid conflicts with any existing web server.
  • Upgraded install script to NSIS 2.0 and added MFC & VC++ runtimes to it.

v0.86 (2002-11-07):

  • Zero length files are ignored during directory scan.
  • Fixed bug where very long comments could crash the detail view.
  • Added total duration and file size to status display. Also status is now for what is shown in the detail view, rather than the overall total. You can see the overall total by showing all the tracks by selecting the "Artists" folder.
  • Status bar counts are now updated after deleting tracks.
  • Errors tab of track properties now has scroll bar so we can look at errors for many tracks at once.
  • Added button ("Tools/Web Interface") to launch web browser with correct URL.
  • In web interface added links to artist from track details.
  • In web interface default the tracks frame to 'next up' queue.
  • Next up queue now considers minimum track priority and the existance of the tracks' files when determining what is coming up next.
  • Added ability to automatically save the database from time to time.
  • Clearing the request queue decrements priority of the tracks in the queue since their priority was incremented when they were requested.
  • If an ID3 tag exists, updated it regardless of preferences. Add note to preference page stating this fact.
  • Unsync flag is now correctly written to ID3v2 header when tag required unsyncing.
  • Track number and genre are no longer stored in ID3v2 tags if they are unknown.

v0.85 (2002-09-02):

  • Added support for ID3v2 tags. Unknown frames in ID3v2.3 tags are *always* preserved, even on Fix.
  • Added ID3 tab to "Tools/Options". Default is to always write ID3v1 tag and only write ID3v2 tag if data is too large for ID3v1 tag.
  • Fixed bug where MPEG info was not read unless a tag was present.
  • Fixed bug where bitrate & duration were miscalculated when Xing header is present but either corrupt or empty.
  • Added warning when presence of corrupt Xing header is detected.
  • Added '|' as illegal filesystem character during "Edit/Rename File".
  • Javascript "enhanced" web interface now works for both IE and Netscape. To use it you should rename "tracks.xsl" to "tracks_orig.xsl" and "tracks_ie.xsl" to "tracks.xsl".
  • Improved Winamp/Minksonic interaction.
  • Fixed bug where editing multiple items with different genres would cause the genre to be reset to nothing unless user specifically chose one.
  • In "next up" link on web interface, show tracks from shuffled playlist in order to show at least 10 entries.
  • If track's file does not exist provide an error when it is requested.
  • Removed backwards compatability to v0.74 databases (first public release was 0.76) so there was no reason to keep the code around.
  • Fixed bug where a corrupted default database would cause the app to quit on startup. Now a warning is issued and as much of the database as possible is read.
  • Jukebox settings are now properly read from registry during startup.

v0.84 (2002-05-25):

  • Initialize random number generator when app starts up so shuffle will not produce predictable results.
  • Fixed bug where dropping an mp3 into empty jukebox could result in crash or would not update properly afterwards.
  • Add reshuffle button.
  • Reshuffle after adding new tracks.
  • Fixed problem where handler threads in web server would get into an infinite loop if the client closed the connection before we could respond.
  • Web server can now serve up any type of file (including binary files). The content-type is looked up in the registry based on file extension.
  • Removed comments & genre, added duration in tracks stylesheet for web interface.

v0.83 (2002-02-23):

  • Fixed crash if an attempt to File/Save is done prior to a File/Open.
  • Fixed bug where tracks with invalid filenames remain in request queue indefinitely.
  • Added splash screen at startup.
  • Added "Tools/Clear Requests" to punt all queued requests.
  • Albums in web interface are now sorted by name.
  • Added standard HTTP 1.0 server response headers.
  • Added access to any file under htdocs directory so that style can use images, etc to make interface nicer. No other files on disk can be accessed via webserver.

v0.82 (2002-01-25):

  • Added 'Next Up' link to web-browser interface in requests frame to show all the queued requests in the tracks frame.
  • Tools/Options Dialog with Jukebox playback & Webserver settings.
  • Fixed bug where user registry settings where versioned on Windows 98.

v0.81 (2001-12-16) Limited Release:

  • New web-based interface for browsing & requesting tunes.
  • Fixed problem where hitting play while winamp playlist was empty resulted in Winamps "open" dialog popping up.
  • Fixed problem where we get stuck after only remaining tracks in shuffle list have negative priority.
  • XML document format. Now the scan error detail is stored as well as the error count. The old format is detected automatically and will get saved as new format on the next save.
  • MP3 files that contained only warnings were not always corrected during "Tools/Fix Errors".
  • New scan error if VBR encoded file is missing Xing header. Files with this error cannot be repaired, they must be re-encoded.
  • Scanning for errors now reveals "desirable" header bit changes. The header bits are currently desired to be Copyrighted & Original. This will be settable in a Tools/Options dialog in the future.
  • Track Properties now has 3 tabs: a "Details" tab for tag information; a "Statistics" tab with filename, filesize, bitrate, duration, priority last_played, last_reqested & error count; and a "Scan Result" tab with scan messages.
  • Deleting tracks no longer leaves 'empty' rows at end of detail list.
  • Title is now defaulted to filename when no tag found.

v0.80 (2001-08-17):

  • MinkSonic now interacts friendlier with Winamp. The shuffle and repeat buttons are only turned off and disabled when MinkSonic is running, and they are restored to their original values when MinkSonic terminates. Also, the Winamp plugin no longer automatically invokes MinkSonic unless the user 'configures' the plugin or uses our keyboard accelerator (Ctrl-J) from the main Winamp window.
  • Only one instance of MinkBox app is allowed in order to prevent IPC confusion with the Winamp plugin.
  • On first run of MinkSonic, Winamp will be restarted if it had to be shut down in order to install the plugin.
  • Added Advanced searching.
  • Improved Context menu contains relevant buttons from Edit & amp;Tools pulldown menus (instead of being identical to Edit pulldown menu).
  • Save current database if needed before File open/new so changes are not lost.
  • View menu now allows search & winamp toolbars to be turned on/off.
  • Modified license to be more like the Apache Software Foundation's license.

v0.79 (2001-07-30):

  • Moved "Rename File", "Scan for Errors" from "Edit" menu to "Tools" menu.
  • Added "Repair Files" button to "Tools" menu.
  • Tab key switches between tree view and detail view without the "ring" sound.
  • Fixed bug where wrong tracks would sometimes get deleted when multiple tracks were selected.
  • Fixed bug where artist/album/track counts would not appear when last database is automatically openned.
  • Spacebar can be used as keyboard accelerator to request tracks.
  • Added search toolbar with "Quick Search" capability.
  • Added "Refresh" button to "View" menu.
  • Fixed bug where "Play" on Winamp Toolbar would start playback at begining of Winamp playlist, rather than current track.

v0.78 (2001-06-18):

  • Added WinAmp toolbar with play, pause, stop, skip next & start visualization buttons.
  • AutoClose status dialog when importing MP3s.
  • Fixed problem where certain changes to track details were not always written back to file's idtag.

v0.77 (2001-06-04):

  • Plugin now correctly detects state of "Shuffle" & "Repeat" buttons, turns them off if necessary, and prevents user from turning them back on. If either of these functions is on the plugin will not be able to detect when it should get another track from the jukebox.
  • If plugin was responsible for starting up MinkSonic Jukebox then it will try to shut it down when Winamp is shutting down.
  • Minksonic will attempt to shutdown Winamp before trying to install the plugin.

v0.76 (2001-05-30):

v0.75 (2001-05-21):

  • Status dialog's text buffer now grows to accommodate lot's of status messages.
  • Fixed bug where a frame could be considered valid even if it had an invalid bitrate. This would really mess things up if the first frame was one of these.
  • Tab key now flips back & forth between tree & detail view.

v0.74 (2001-04-09):

  • Add MP3 error detection (invalid frame headers).
  • Read file size, bitrate, song duration.
  • Add new data (filesize, duration, bitrate, errors) to detail view.
  • Track detail changes now written to ID3v1 tags.
  • Modify status dialog to provide a scrollable message window.
  • Add support for reading Xing VBR frames to quickly get duration/bitrate. This is now default.
  • Send frame scan messages to status dialog & allow cancel.
  • Added support for repairing files with frame errors.

v0.73 (2001-02-15):

  • Custom document icon.
  • A database can now be openned by double-clicking it in explorer. Previously the last database was always openned.
  • Automatically expand the "Artists" item in tree view.
  • Drag & Drop MP3's now works anywhere in main frame rather than just the detail view.
  • The last scanned directory is now remembered between program runs. No really, this time it works!
  • File/New, File/Exist no longer overwrites previous database with an empty one!
  • We no longer see the File/Save dialog on exit (even when doc is modified since we *always* save on exit).
  • Fixed problem where last database was getting trashed in the registry.

v0.72 (2001-02-13):

  • Fixed problem where directory scan could produce an extra '\' in pathnames which messes up Winamp's ability to display artist-title.
  • Fixed tree refresh problem when editing tags, deleting tracks, or scanning directories for MP3's.
  • Progress dialog (with cancel) is displayed while scanning files.
  • Supports Drag & Drop MP3 files into database.
  • Populate option menu's in track properties dialog.
  • Ctrl-A should select all items in detail view.
  • DDEServer should validate client requests against topic/item name.
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